Italian Peace Association is a non-profit organization for social promotion.. It has been founded in 1988. The Italian Peace Association is based on the principle of individual adhesion, it is independent from parties, political organizations and from other associative forms. It is open to men and women of different religious inspirations, ethics and political opinions, which participate to the association on a same level of equality, mutual respect, common search and enhancement of the differences. The association dedicates its everyday life to the ideas of peace, justice, nonviolence, solidarity, culture of peace.

The association therefore promotes political and cultural projects evolving in the realization of disarm, the cessation of the existing conflicts in the world, the resolution of the unbalance between North and South, the respect of human rights and freedoms of people, the affirmation of a new idea of planetary development which stops the violence of the mankind on Nature through the adoption of the daily practice of political nonviolence.
The organized association life is particularly inspired to the movement of women in its criticism against the power, the hierarchy and the culture of domination. The Association for Peace recognizes the masculine and female sexual difference as theoretical categories based on the analysis of the reality; it recognizes and brings out the great changes of cultural and social perspective coming from the absolute equal dignity and recognition of the different sexual orientations in our society nowadays.
The association promotes projects and initiatives with the aim of overcoming every kind of exclusion and discrimination based on reasons of race, sex, political opinions, religious creed or affiliation to a certain ethnic, social or cultural group. Particularly the association is committed to contrast every form of racism favouring the building of a society based on the acceptance of differences and on the enhancement of diversities.
The Italian Peace Association is engaged in the democratization and the reform of international institutions, in the politics of international cooperation for development, for a social and jointly responsible economy in the aim of justice.
For the realization of the appointed purposes and in the intent to act for the whole community, the association proposes some objectives:

  • to express positions at the right moment and to undertake initiatives among people regarding all the reported problems over mentioned;
  •  to connect and collaborate with other structures operating on similar themes at a national and international level;
  • to compare with the institutions, through different forms definable each time;
  • to consider as main point the promotion of direct initiatives to the construction and diffusion of the culture of peace and to have the function of stimulating all the educational and formative agencies and every other subject interested in the education for peace;
  • to promote refresher courses for teachers at any level on the themes of nonviolence, education for peace, intercultural and human rights;
  •  to develop activity of research and documentation;
  • to take care of the internal information to its own members and external towards the whole population by means of a constant publishing activity;
  • to give free services of public utility on the sectors the association deals with;
  • to devote the whole necessary time to the total self-financing and transparency of its own activities.

The activities are being promoted by the association through the voluntary performances.


  • Campaign for the reform and the democratisation of the United Nation
  • OSM DPN Campaign - Objection Campaign against the Military Expenses and for a Popular Nonviolent Defence.
  • Sbilanciamoci Campaign to indicate how to designate the public expenditures for society, environment and peace.
  • Italian Network Disarm Campaign for World Disarm (member of the International Action Network on Small Arms).
  • End Occupation - Campaign against Israeli Occupation in Palestinian Territories.
  • Right of Return for Palestinian refugees “ Campaign to affirm right of return of Palestinian refugees according International Low.
  • Democracy and respect of human rights in Kurdistan.
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