The project consist on a “Peer Education Training”. The training focus on the techniques and methodology of non-formal education that partners practice in working with youth in their own country. The objectives are to increase the knowledge of participants about the methods and techniques of youth educations and to promote collaboration among the youth organizations and create a synergy between different associations in Euro-Med countries. The training will have youth unemployment, self-employment and youth entrepreneurship as topics and aims to identify critical factors to be considered in reorienting and effective methods to tackle the problem of youth unemployment.

The training will be conducted with the peer education methodology under supervision of  Italian Peace Association 
The participants of each origination hold two training section: presentation and workshop. In each section the trainers will explain theoretically and practically their methodology they use in their country to stimulate the mutual understanding among young people, to encourage the active participation of young people in the decisions that affect their lives in terms of individual and community, to develop solidarity and participation, to provide chances of informal education to young people with fewer opportunities in urban areas .
The training will face the information and guidance derived from practical experience to help better understand the self-employment sector, their strength and limitations.
A special section will be held to discuss and analyze the potential benefits of self-employment as a practical alternative career, the obstacles, policy measures and strategies that can be initiated to support it in EU and Med countries.

Italia, Turchia, Palestina, Libano e Tunisia